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Restaurant of the University of Selye János, Komárno

Europe Hotel, Komárno

Shopping Center, Komárno

Danubius, Komárno

Delta – weekly, Komárno

Restaurant of Cooperative Farm, Pribeta

Community Centre, Pribeta

Pizzeria Centrum, Pribeta

Kék Duna Pension, Moča

Porsche Inter Auto, Nové Zámky

Bibliotheque Anton Bernolák, Nové Zámky

Community Centre, Nové Zámky

Kromberg&Schubert s.r.o., Kolárovo

Community Centre, Kolárovo

Smurfit Kappa a.s., Štúrovo

Community Centre, Skalka

Thermal Bath, Podhajská

Don’t hesitate to contact us: if you are interested to show your proposition, organize a meeting, conference for your colleagues, employees, friends, if the good feeling and positive feedback of your environment is important, if you are taking care about the looks and surroundings – the table, window, the doors, the promotion and the correspondence, the special gifts or small fry, if you would like to show your concern for the speciality of the presentation in the decoration and the appliances.

Our company is certified as "Dôveryhodná Firma".

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